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Breakthrough Music Private lessons

We offer a variety of lesson programs teaching anything from electric guitar to classical piano. Each private lesson is specifically designed to fit the needs of our students to provide a fast, fun way of learning. We are equipped with high-quality pianos, and an extensive collection of digital resources, learning games, and activities for new musicians. 

Our students absolutely love playing our interactive games. They enjoy learning the theory and are eager to ask and answer question. Most of the time, parents will have to drag their children out of the studio...that's just how much they love their private lessons!

Students at our studio find playing and creating music to be fun. When they are at home, they love to consistently run over to play their new song. Soon you will begin to hear beautiful music in your home. You will be shocked how quickly your child will learn music!

Adult Lessons

Although most of our students are 5-18 years old, we have not forgotten about our adults. We know how it is, maybe you've always wanted to learn an instrument but just never got around to it. Or maybe you're ready to get back at it after that accidental 15-year break after college. At Breakthrough, we have found a fantastic way to provide an enjoyable private lesson experience for adults of all ages.  

Every lesson is specifically modified to fit the needs of our adults in a relaxed, enjoyable way. While generally taking a song-based approach to teaching, our instructors are happy to accommodate anything our adults wish to learn. It's really all up to you!


To be a safe and constructive hub of growth, collaboration, experimentation, and discovery for the most dedicated and passionate musicians at Breakthrough Music School.

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